Digital Towpath Cooperative Information

Digital Towpath Cooperative

The Digital Towpath Cooperative was organized in 2005 under an Intermunicipal Agreement (IMA) as authorized by NYS General Municipal Law, Article 5G.

The Digital Towpath Shared Service is supported by volunteers from Digital Towpath communities across the state.  Leadership is provided by the DTC Board, comprised of representatives from member governments. Together, the members of the cooperative contract for the expertise needed to maintain the Digital Towpath systems - administration, server maintenance, software maintenance, security services and data center services.

Do we have to belong to the Digital Towpath Cooperative to use Digital Towpath?

No, you can arrange with the Cooperative to use the Digital Towpath for your municipal website by completing the registration process described on the Sign Up page of this website and agreeing to pay the annual fee.  However, if you do not belong you will have no vote on matters such as which grants to apply for, which enhancements to make, how much the annual fee will be, or who will serve on the DTC Board.

If we donít join the Cooperative, will support be included in the annual fee?
Yes, Technical support for the system and email and phone support for the use of the software is included in the annual fee.
What privileges will we receive by becoming a member?
Member municipalities will control the direction of the Cooperative.  Only member municipalities will have a vote on matters such as changes to the software, the cost of using the software, the level of training to be included with the annual fee, and membership of the Executive Board.
What responsibilities will we take on by becoming a member?
The member municipalities will be jointly responsible for the successful completion of any grants received by the Cooperative and for all financial reporting required by state law, if the Cooperative fails to provide these.
How are finances handled?
Bookkeeping, project administration, and user support services are provided by contractors approved by the DTC Board.
Agreement for Services (PDF - 145.0 KB)
This document outlines the services provided and responsibilities related to those services. By registering for Digital Towpath membership you are confirming your acceptance of the Agreement for Service.